SHALO LICENSING is a solution
that protects apps and helps you manage licenses effortlessly.


Product introduction


Product features

01 Easily build license management into apps

Encrypts apps and prevents decryption without a USB dongle, so you can effortlessly manage licenses without changing the source code.

The built-in real-time clock in the USB dongle enables you to set an expiry date, making it easy to create evaluation versions of apps and versions with an expiry date.

02 Protects apps

Minimizes the risk of static analysis attacks such as by disassemblers, by encrypting apps.

03 Protects files

Protects important data by encrypting files used for apps.
The encrypted files can be accessed via API.


  • Tool developers

    Easily converting apps to subscriptions

  • Measurement instrument manufacturers

    Protecting the intellectual property of apps

  • Financial institutions

    Developing apps that only users with dongles can run

  • MFPs
    (multi-function printers)

    Using dongles to switch functions on a shared board


USB dongles

Not equipped with expiry date settings

Equipped with a real-time clock
(with expiry date settings)


SHALO CONSOLE is a management solution that helps you to manage SHALO licenses on the Web. With SHALO CONSOLE, you can control everything that involves issuing licenses, including managing administrative users, creating products (targeted apps), and issuing the licenses themselves.



Create a key

Create a product information file on the dedicated management site, SHALO CONSOLE.



The app and the product information file are then passed together through an encryption tool.


Recording the licenses

Using the product information file, the license is then written onto the USB dongle, which becomes mandatory for any later decryption.


Features and specifications

Items provided ・Encryption tool: Generates encrypted binaries from the original file
・USB writer tool: Writes license information onto a USB dongle
・Execution library: The library for executing encrypted binaries
・Headers/samples: Header files and samples needed to use SHALO LICENSING SDK
Features ・License management: License management using USB dongles
・Encryption: Encrypting apps and files with AES
・Sets expiry dates: Set specific expiry dates for executed apps
・Challenges & responses: Can coexist with other products by using only the authentication feature of USB dongles
・Driverless: No need to install special drivers as the solution operates only with the OS’s default drivers
Compatible platforms ・Windows 10 and later
・macOS 10.12 and later
・Linux (Red Hat ® Enterprise Linux ® 7.9, CentOS ® 7.9, Ubuntu ® 18.04LTS, Fedora ® 33 and later)
Compatible binaries ・Windows: EXE (x86, x64, .NET Framework), DLL (x86, x64)
・macOS: Application binary (x64, arm64), dylib (x64, arm64)
・Linux : Application binary (x64), Shared Object (x64)
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