SHALO AUTH is a solution that manages the secret key for login authentications safely and effortlessly, enabling you to connect to SSH and VPN safely.


Product features

01 Manages secret keys safely

Prevents illegal access by secret key leak, by putting your secret key safely in a USB dongle. It is impossible to take out the secret key written into the USB dongle. Authentication is processed within SHALO AUTH.

02 Compatible with industry standards PKCS#11 and FIDO U2F
(L2 certified).

Can be used for many applications, being compatible with these industry standards. PKCS #11 can be used for VPN and SSH and FIDO U2F for Google and Facebook logins.

*The FIDO, FIDO ALLIANCE, FIDO AUTHENTICATION, and FIDOCERTIFIED trademarks and logos are trademarks of FIDO Alliance.

03 Compatible with ECDSA

It supports RSA as well as major elliptic curve cryptography with bit length of 192-521. Strength of P-521 curves will be equivalent to 15,360-bit RSA, enabling you to use stronger encryptions.

04 Offers user friendly tools to write secret keys easily

It can read standard formats (OpenSSL/OpenSSH/PuTTY).


  • Individual and corporate users

    Protecting Gmail and Facebook accounts with two-factor authentication with FIDO U2F

  • Developers

    Can be used as an access token for GitHub

  • Manufacturers

    Protecting specification documents by encrypting PDFs to be unable to open without a dongle

  • Cloud vendors

    Providing a feature that allows safe VPN and SSH logins


USB dongles

Secret-key writing tool for PKCS#11

The designated GUI tool enables you to write a secret key for PKCS#11 into the USB device. It enables you to write key files for cloud services effortlessly into a USB dongle, and then log into a cloud server safely using only the dongle.




Start your PC

Connect to your PC's USB port


Set a secret key

Open Google and Github account settings on your browser and save your security key for the two-factor authentication process


Login authentication

When the LED on your device turns on at login, press the button to get authenticated.

For PKCS#11


Start your PC

Connect to your PC's USB port


Set the secret key with the designated tool

Write in the secret key with the designated tool for PKCS#11


Login authentication

You can get authenticated by specifying the SHALO-AUTH library at SSH login.


Features and specifications

Items provided ・Secret-key writing tool for PKCS#11
・SHALO AUTH library for PKCS#11
Features ・FIDO U2F: Accommodates browser’s two-factor authentication
・PKCS#11: Manages SSH and VPN secret keys safely
・Driverless: Can be used without installing any drivers
Operations confirmed on
these platforms
・Windows 10 and later
・macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) and later
・Linux (Red Hat ® Enterprise Linux ® 7.9, CentOS ® 7.9, Ubuntu ® 18.04LTS, Fedora ® 33 and later)
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